Thinking of thoughtful Christmas presents isn’t easy, we all know that. Between actually going out and shopping, sticking to your budget and then picking exactly the right thing, it can add more stress to the holiday. But fear not, because we’re here to remind you to take a deep breath and keep on reading, because we’ve got some tips on how to find thoughtful Christmas presents this year.

Considering Christmas is just about a week away, all you last-minute shoppers (like us), are probably tossing and turning while thinking about what to give the person or persons you love the most in your life. Whether that’s a girlfriend, sibling or parents, finding that perfect, most thoughtful Christmas present shouldn’t be so difficult — regardless of what’s on their wish list. So here’s how to channel your inner Santa and give the most top-notch (and thoughtful) present.

Figure out what a thoughtful Christmas present is

First off, there isn’t some handbook that says something is or isn’t a thoughtful Christmas present, so you need to think about what the person you’re buying for will think is meaningful. However, when you’re lost and don’t know what the hell to buy, there’s a simple thing you can do: ask!

That’s right, guys, don’t be afraid to get some ideas about the Christmas presents that those you’re buying for actually want, then put your own spin on it. While they may list a bunch of different things, make sure to make a mental (or physical) note about a few within your price range and get creative.

For instance, if your mom says she wants new pots and pans for her recently renovated kitchen, instead of getting her a really expensive set, give her a couple pans and a gift card for a cooking class after the holiday. She’ll use the pan regardless, but she’ll really like the experience of cooking with a group.

How much should you spend on a thoughtful Christmas present?

Similar to what we mentioned above, when you’re buying a thoughtful Christmas present, there’s no rule with how much you should or shouldn’t spend. But, remember, part of this gift being thoughtful is the fact that you didn’t just go out and buy the most expensive thing you saw. It should have more meaning than that.

The most thoughtful gift-givers don’t even look at price, but, instead, focus on how the present will make the other person feel when they’re opening it on Christmas Day. Those types of people are the ones who actually get more joy in giving than receiving each year, so don’t think you need to spend a lot in order to make that happen.

Stay within your budget, be creative and have some joy in the fact that you’re going to make someone else really happy — that will make you feel less anxious about how much you may have spent.

Some of the most thoughtful Christmas presents are actually homemade

You know how we mentioned earlier how the most thoughtful gift-givers are actually those who get creative? Yeah, this also goes for actually making presents instead of buying them.

Sure, as a kid, we all hated getting a present from the crazy aunt who decided that knitting a sweater with a big ol’ duck on it would be a thoughtful Christmas present for a teenager (Hint: it wasn’t). Thing is, as much as we hated getting that then, now that we’re adults, it’s kind of sweet to think about the amount of time she put into actually making it herself.

While we’re not telling you to take up knitting and doing something similar to the above example, we are telling you that it’s totally OK to use some of your hobbies to your benefit when gift-giving. For instance, if you take photos, go snap some pics and get them framed to give family members. Or, if you enjoy writing, don’t hesitate to give handwritten notes to people you care about, which they’ll cherish for a long time. It may seem cheap to you, but there’s a good chance that it’s one of the most thoughtful Christmas presents they’ve ever received.

Making sure you wrap the gift right is part of giving a thoughtful Christmas present

Now that you’ve landed on the perfect gift and stayed within your budget, there’s on final piece to the puzzle when giving a thoughtful Christmas present — the presentation. This is an important part that some people may overlook, so don’t fall into that category.

Pay attention to details and make sure the gift you’re handing out looks the part, too, showing the receiver that, not only did you put a lot of thought into what you’re giving them, but you also took the time to make sure it looks good for them underneath the tree. So don’t just grab an old bag and drop the thing in there, guys, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

You can go the traditional route of wrapping it and putting a bow around it, or you can find something around the house that can help cover up a thoughtful Christmas present like a bottle of wine with decorative fabric or towels. Regardless of what you decide to go with, it should look like you give a damn — because there’s nothing better than being handed a present on Christmas Day that looks as if Santa himself actually spent time wrapping it.