Valentines day is just around the corner. Did you realise there’s only 2 weeks left to get your lady a special gift? have given me some fantastic ideas on valentines gifts that she’ll love this year. Here’s my list of 14 valentines gifts to give your special someone. 

Valentines day is that time of year where men are expected to be romantic, spontaneous and  come baring gifts. I personally love it as I love all things cute and romantic. It can be tough choosing the perfect gift to give, especially when flowers and chocolates are so cliche.

But Valentines day doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, you can find some really cheap but well thought out valentines gifts pretty easily. I’m including a mix of presents from cheap to expensive, but they’re all good options.

Dried Rose Buds

Flowers are always expected on Valentines day. But they’re so expensive and don’t even last that long! Dried roses are the way forward. These are romantic as well as practical. They go great in tea, giving you an extra boost of Vitamin C. They’ll also upgrade your bath game to Super Romantic Mode. At only $13, you can get them on amazon as well as some herbal stores.

Kate Spade Sailor’s Knot Earrings

Kate Spade is the handbag brand that every girl is dying for right now. Her handbags cost well into the hundreds, but these super cute earrings cost less than $50. She get’s the brand name whilst you get an affordable price. The earrings come in three colours, gold, silver and rose-gold.

Amazon Echo Dot

For gadget geeks, the echo dot is a great new addition to Amazon’s echo line. Costing less than $50 this device lets you control your entire home from it’s mini form. It looks sophisticated, it’s really useful and you’ll be able to get as much out of it as your girlfriend.

Polaroid Snap

If your girl has a thing for photography, then you have to get her the new polaroid snap. Polaroids have been making a huge come-back, and they’re basically taking over instagram. This camera looks cute and you can take instant film photos to hang up. I have a polaroid myself and it’s one of my favourite things.

Click & Grow Herb Planter

For the home chef, this Click&Grow Herb planter is the perfect addition to the kitchen. You can pick loads of different herbs to grow, set in specially designed soil for optimal indoor growth. The box has it’s own LEDs, so you can grow plants all year round. It’s not limited to herbs either, you can even get strawberries growing in your kitchen.

24K Gold-Dipped Natural Rosegold-rose-in-display-case1

For those that really want to go all out on the romantic theme, this gold dipped rose is it. It’s a single rose that’s covered in 24k gold. It’s lavish, romantic and is something you’d see in a fairy tale. It also comes in a beautiful display case. Also makes a great wedding anniversary gift…

Peony & Moss Stockings

It can still be pretty chilly in February, so why not give these sexy yet cosy stockings as a gift? They’re fashionable, warm and would make the perfect outfit matched with a jumper dress and tall winter boots. Of course, there’s lots of other long socks available in various colours.

For even more valentines gifts ideas, check out this article by AskMen on the perfect gift to give your girlfriend this valentines day!