When Marvel announced it’s big 2014 summer release “Guardians of the Galaxy” I think there was a collective “who?” and when the trailers came out people still didn’t know who the hell these guys were or what the movie would be about. However after seeing the film I have to say it’s probably the best super hero film of this year. This coming from a die-hard Xmen fan (Xmen Days of Future Past also came out this year)


So firstly, who are the Guardians of the Galaxy? Honestly? You kind of have to watch the film to find out. I’ve not read the comics but my friend who does has told me the film is fairly different with the origin story and the formation of the group. Plus finding out who they are is kind of the whole point of the film. It would be easiest to say it’s the classic formula of a rag-tag group of outcasts who seemingly aren’t compatible but end up coming together to save the world/galaxy. It’s actually kind of interesting, Guardians of the Galaxy has actually done a great job of setting up future Guardians of the Galaxy films, whilst still being a great stand alone story, something a lot of film franchises these days have forgotten to do.

Another, simpler way of describing them is: The characters and franchise that Marvel has complete rights over and don’t have to worry about crossover characters unless they’re characters they also legally own. This is great because it gives them, and the characters this sense of freedom , which in turn, create a bigger sense of adventure.

The plot is fairly simple, again a classic, everyone is after this single mysterious relic, and our heroes must make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The great thing about having a simple plot is that it’s understandable without having to have lots of time dedicated to pure narration and explanation. This also means the movie has a lot of time instead to dedicate to character development.

And that right there is why this movie is so great. They’ve created characters that are going to be instant house hold names. I can already see young boys pretend playing at being Starlord, Drax the Destroyer, Rocket Racoon and Groot. I can see young girls fighting over who’s going to be Gamora, and who gets to be her bald sister Nebula. Don’t get me wrong, I think Nebula is hotter (and I’m a big Karen Gillian fan anyway). They are easy to understand, they all get their own little backstories which isn’t shown in a flashback or anything, but instead told by the characters to each other which gives you a sense that they are opening up to you, the audience. Very well done.

Although the formula for the film is obvious and simple, there’s nothing wrong with it. Marvel have pulled this off and pulled it off well. Less is more. By opting for a simple plot rather than a complicated one, they don’t spend time explaining everything as if we’re all idiots. The film is then accompanied with great humour that will make young kids giggle at naughty words, and older people laugh because they so relatable. Very tongue in cheek and very Chris Pratt.

I have to say Chris Pratt has done an amazing job in this. I’ve not watched whatever TV show it is that he’s famous for, but I think he’s playing the same character. In space. Well it doesn’t matter because he creates a funny, loveable asshole – kind of like what they wanted Green Hornet to be. Bradley Cooper also does an amazing job as Rocket. Everyone else is good. The characters seem to have a good chemistry between them, and on screen dialog works well.

Finally the movie is accompanied by a kickass sound track, which brings back classic songs such as “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone. The music is a sort of running theme.

Sure there are little inconsistencies, but I throughly enjoyed the film. Like The Avengers, despite being based on a comicbook, Marvel has created a franchise that is open for mass consumption. I have a friend who is insanely picky with films and even she found herself enjoying it. So go watch it.