When it comes to male grooming advice, one of the first and easiest things to do is get yourself decent shoes. Why you should invest in good shoes isn’t just about the monetary factors though.

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to fashion, male or female, I’m pretty clueless. It was up until a few months ago that I was still wearing my favourite trainers, even though they had holes that my big toe poked out of.

I now wear flat black ballet shoes on normal days, and my red Dr Martins on rainy days because they’re waterproof and I can jump in puddles. It’s made a huge difference to my appearance and certainly for the better.

When asked on the street what women like in men appearance wise, women often mention things like wearing smart shirts and suits. They’ll also mention smart shoes. Women like men to look smart, not a big surprise.

First impressions are important. One of the most important factors to consider when you’re on the dating scene. Good shoes goes a long way towards your first impressions, because women will always look at your shoes.

Untidy and battered trainers will give the impression of carelessness and immaturity compared to good, well kept shoes that will show her you’re responsible and more grown up.


A really easy way to make a casual outfit, of just jeans a plain t-shirt look smart is to add some smart shoes. The difference is instant, and you’re still wearing the same casual clothes you feel comfortable in.

I’ve always put comfort above all else when it came to my feet. My hole-ridden trainers are the comfiest things I own. It makes sense to pick comfortable shoes, because you spend most of your day wearing them, walking around in them ect.

Something I’ve learnt is that good, smart shoes don’t have to be uncomfortable. Really good shoes will fit you properly and be comfortable. Splurging out on expensive shoes is a good investment because those are the kind of shoes that you’ll be happy to put your feet in everyday for years and years.

Picking out the right shoes for you can be hard though. For me, I had to ask some more stylish and knowledgable friends for help. Getting a second opinion, or a third opinion is important and totally cool. Especially if you’re dropping big money on something.

So how much should you be spending? Well that really depends on you. Some people might think spending over £100 on a pair of shoes is ridiculous, but if you really think about, what other piece of clothing do you wear every single day without changing for years and years?

Don’t just go for brand names though. Instead try and do your research, snob up on facts and styles. If you have a friend who’s knowledgable, get them to check out shoes with you. Pick a style and colour that fits in with your wardrobe.

So why you should invest in good shoes? Because it is an investment. It improves your overall appearance without having a complete wardrobe change. It goes a long way with first impressions for dating. It makes you look smarter. It lasts longer and it’s more comfortable as long as you look after it.