A new study by AskMen has revealed America’s favourite sex position, and it’s probably not what you’re thinking. The study then breaks down the favourite sex position of each state. We’ve got all the info on who’s searching for what, and which state has the best kinks.

The results are in – Americans love doing it doggy style. AskMen have figured it out using science and Google data analytics. The results aren’t actually that surprising, since doggy style is the favourite sex position for a lot of countries, including the UK.

Once you break things down to the state level it gets a but more interesting however.  Americans Google sex positions at a rate of about 4.5 searches per 1,000 residents. States with a lower population have a high than average search rate. Wyoming is America’s least-populous state and their 9 searches per 1,000 residents is nearly twice the national average.

Then you also get Washington D.C which although counts as a state is more of a city. That place is off the charts with porn position searches! I guess now we know what they get up to in the government.

AskMen Sex STUDY

Favourite position by states

positions by state

It’s interesting to note that people search for “Woman on top” rather than “cowgirl position” which I’ve always thought it was called. Perhaps this is due to the fact people googling sex positions are less informed on sex position names. That being said “doggy style” is still used, as opposed to “man from behind”.

Woman on top was the most popular term in a majority of southern, western and northeastern states. Doggy-style, which was again popular everywhere, was buoyed in part by a diverse midwestern faction that was split between doggy and woman on top.

Finally here’s a list of the funniest sex positions searched by which states, and I’ll be honest, I’ll have to do a bit of googling myself. It seems like the Unite States enjoys trying out new sex positions though, which is always a good thing.

If you love doggy style sex, try out these interesting variations of the favourite position. And if that’s not your favourite then why not check out their sex position mega-guide.