Episode 2 of Game of Throne’s season 7 sets a new, faster, more expected pace for the series. Whilst last week many complained of the lack of sex and violence, this week we are rewarded with both. In this week’s Game of Thrones recap we see that the pieces are moving to their starting positions. 

This week’s episode starts much like my week in England. With a lot of rain and everyone sat around a giant table playing conqueror. We begin with Daenerys giving Lord Varys the low down. He’s “supported” kings before, he’s conspired against said kings. Can she trust him?

Meliisandre also shows up at Dragonstone, offering her services.

This scene is great because it shows that Daenerys is using her head and isn’t letting Lord Varys manipulate her. Later in the episode, we do see her taking council from Elleria Sand, Olenna Tyrell and Yara Greyjoy. Girl power in full force.

So far, however, she takes Tyrion Lannister’s advice the most, defending him against Elleria’s personal attack. Their two pronged attack plan on Kingslanding and Casterly rock is met with approval.

Puss Pie

Not as horrible as last week’s poop soup, it sees like the writers of Games of Thrones are determined to turn us off various foods one at a time via Sam’s storyline.

Sam is together with the Arch Maestor looking at Jorah Morment’s greyscale. Despite being given only 6 months before he loses his sanity, Sam is sure he can help get rid of the greyscale.

In the middle of the night, Sam comes in with a book and peels off the infected skin and revealing puss underneath. Cut to scene with a pie crust that looks remarkably similar to the greyscale and crust.

The Starks reunion

The show continues to tease us with the idea of the Stark siblings finally reuniting. Arya finds out that Winterfell is once again under Stark rule from Hotpie who she meets at the Inn on the way to Kingslanding.

Visibly surprised to find this out, she decides to ride to Winterfell instead of continuing on her journey to Kingslanding. On the way she is trapped by a pack of wolves, lead by none other than Direworlf Nymeria. Nymeria declines to follow her.

In Winterfell, Jon Snow receives a letter from Sam informing him of dragonglass under Dragonstone. He also receives a letter of invitation to Dragonstone from Tyrion. He goes against Sansa and the Northen Families’ advice and decides to go. On the one hand, we finally get to see Jon and Daenerys meet. On the other hand, he’s going on to miss Arya’s homecoming.

Cersi the Dragonslayer

Cersi and Jaime meet with various Houses in the south who are loyal to House Tyrell. They inform them that House Tyrell has allied itself with The Mad King’s daughter and that they need to be loyal to the crown. Jaime does a bit of pleading himself afterwards away from the ears of Cersi, who he is understandably concerned about.

Cersi is shown a new weapon made by Qyburn, created to tackle the dragons that Daenerys has brought with her. The crossbow type weapon easily lodges itself into the skull of a great dragon skeleton at point blank range. The reveal isn’t as exciting as the wild fire from previous episodes.

Pirates of the Seven Kingdoms

In the climax of the episode, Yara Greyjoy and the Sand women are on a fleet towards Dorne when they are ambushed and attacked by none other than Euron Greyjoy. Euron’s fleet somehow seems to be bigger and faster than Yara’s, despite being built in a ridiculously short amount of time.

Euron’s entrance is pretty spectacular and the entire scene plays out like Pirates of the Carrabians meets WWE. We see Euron’s badassery as he takes out two of the Sand girls, killing them with their own weapons.

Finally, he takes on Yara and ultimately captures her. Theon Geryjoy is unable to do anything about it and jumps overboard, seemingly in an act of cowardice.