A lot of people, men and women as well, fantasise about having sex on a plane. What holds them back is the fear of getting caught, and mostly not having any idea how to get away with it. Here are a few examples that might help fulfill that fantasy.

Plane cabinThe bathrooms

Of course, this is the first thing everyone has in mind. It is so obvious. You would tell your partner to go first and then join a few minutes later in order to avoid raising any suspicions.

It is much harder to achieve on a short, crowded flight. Long haul flights are easier, especially when everyone is asleep.

Also, consider high and low periods. Non-vacation time tend to have way less passengers, which gives you more room for your fantasies.

If you think you have an actor talent, here is a trick you can try. But you have to be perfectly in sync with your partner. Once the plane takes off, pretend to be sick. Run to the bathroom every 10 minutes, alternatively holding your stomach and your mouth.

Everyone on the plane will think something is wrong with your stomach and you keep vomiting or having diarrhea. After a few runs, making sure everyone is a bit embarrassed a looking the other way, your partner will come with you to “help you” and “making sure you’re okay.”

Not only will this buy you some time, but also privacy and most of all, sympathy from other passengers who followed what’s going on. They’d be thinking “She’s so nice helping her boyfriend.” This can of course happen the other way around and the guy would look like the perfect gentleman rescuing his poor sick girlfriend.

If you’re the girl, make sure you’re wearing a skirt, possibly without panties on. You only have a few minutes, so speed is everything here. You can either use the sink for a vertical missionary, or lower the toilet seat top to go reverse cowgirl.

A private jet

No one said anything about any money limit. If you can afford it, rent out a private jet and do whatever the hell you want in it with whomever you want to take with you.

BlanketThe blanket

Again this works better on a long haul flight when everyone else is asleep. Of course, you and your partner are “asleep” too, hence the blanket. Having sex on a plane isn’t only about actual sex, it also about sexual acts.

This magical item will hide pretty much anything you can do with you hands or mouth you have in mind. However, use either your knees, elbows, hands or something else to keep the blanket a bit up, like a tent, so the inevitable movements have enough place to happen without obviously moving the blanket. Also, have a blanket.


Sex on a plane is a fun fantasy. But please keep in mind that it’s not really legal. Most of the time, couples aren’t being charged, but if they do, the fine can go over $1 000, that will ultimately depend on the attitude of the airline you fly with.