There are some major factors that can be the difference between bad, good and the hottest sex ever. And, sure, a lot of that has to do with the sex itself, but one can never underestimate how clothing in the bedroom can be a wild card, too. Sure, you’ll be (presumably) ripping one another’s clothes off at some point, but there’s just something hot about seeing a girl dressed sexy before doing that.

Now, without going into too much detail, our personal favorite thing a girl can wear in the bedroom is a white v-neck without a bra, some booty shorts and glasses. We know, it’s a little strange, but, damn, when a girl has this going on — and she can pull it off — it’s hard to keep our hands off of her. Oh, and once she knows that little get up is the way to our heart, it leads to some of the hottest sex ever anytime a girl wears it.

That said, we all have different tastes when it comes to what turns us on in the bedroom, especially when it comes to clothes a girl’s wearing. Thanks to our friends over at Cosmo, though — who spoke to a bunch of guys to see what they like a girl to wear — we have an idea as to some of the more popular threads before getting down and dirty.

Panties with no bra

One of the classic looks a girl can have — and similar to our weakness that we mentioned above — a girl wearing just panties and no bra is always going to be hot. Said Cory to Cosmo, “Definitely panties and no bra. It drives me crazy. I just find that incredibly hot.” Yeah, man, we agree.

Linen shirts

There’s just something about a girl wearing linen that always leads to some of the hottest sex around. Maybe it’s the smooth texture of the linen, or the way every single girl looks in one, but, congrats girls, it’s a good look. Said Mark, “My fiance steals my old linen shirts. Once I’m over the initial anger of losing another one of my articles of clothing to her, I have to admit it’s a great look. I know it’s stereotypical, but the whole half-buttoned thing and no bra does it for me.”

Booty shorts

Talking to Cosmo, here’s what Jason had to say about booty shorts being the hottest thing since sliced bread, “Booty shorts do it for me. I don’t know why, but that’s like more tempting to me than if she was fully nude.” We’re not sure a girl in booty shorts is better than her actually being naked, but, hey, to each is own. Plus, the whole casual look on a girl is always a major turn on.

Yoga pants

Similar to yoga pants, we couldn’t actually find a guy from the Cosmo poll that said these things are a weakness prior to sex, so we self-nominated them because, uh, yeah, they’re hot! Yoga pants always accent a girl’s hips, thighs, calves and butt perfectly, keeping everything nice and tight and just tempting a guy to look and, if lucky, touch. Ah, yes, yoga pants were invented for girls to wear and drive men crazy.

Sweatpants and sweatshirt

Sure, it might not be something that makes a girl feel sexy, but, for a guy, seeing a girl lounging around in a sweatshirt and some sweatpants is a turn on for one reason: comfortability. Most girls aren’t going outside of the house in this get up, but when they’re in front of a guy wearing it, it gives a man a sense of pride that he’s the only one she’s cool with seeing her like that. That means something, and can lead to confidence for the guy to make his move before some really hot sex.

To see the full thread and some of the other things guys like their girls to wear — before tearing it off of them — head on over to Cosmo. Hey, at the very least, it may give you some inspiration for things to ask your girl to wear the next time you two hook up.

(H/T Cosmo)