What personality types make you attractive to women? Obviously, there isn’t a single rule that applies to all girls. Depending on their education, their social environment, age, interests, current status, different personality types attract different women.

However, no man has a single, clearly dominant personality trait. Like women, most men are all a complex web of psychological features slowly built over time. But are there certain personality types that are more attractive to women, and if so which ones, and why?

The alpha male

Before we talk about this personality type, let’s clear some things out. A lot of people have a negative understanding of what being an alpha male is. Its meaning has become quite pejorative and is often associated with aggressiveness and rudeness. In this paragraph, the meaning of alpha male is the original, anthropological and biological one.

Since merely 3% of our DNA differs from bonobos’, basic biological mechanisms are more than relevant. In 2018, being an alpha male doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be physically strong, but dominant. You know what you want, you’re working your way up the food chain and people around you respect you.

Showing that kind of strength is instinctively attractive to women. They naturally feel you are able to protect them and have what it takes to provide for her needs. You are a natural leader, someone who has reached a high position in a given social environment. By becoming your partner, she biologically knows she will secure her future and her children’s regarding the bottom half of Maslow’s pyramid.

The Bad Boy

Try not to mix bad-boy with bad person here. Rebels are attractive not because they are mean-spirited or nasty. But because they do thing on their own terms. They’re brave. They follow their own rules.

If you want to harness these qualities to make yourself more attractive to women. Try swimming against the tide and with your own convictions more often, wear what you think looks good and don’t just follow your friends. Be more assertive. Don’t be a dick to your girl. That women are attracted to bad-boys does not mean they don’t want you to sweet to them and it’s not a license to cheat


The Funny Guy

The French say “Femme qui rit, à moitié dans ton lit.” which means, “Make a woman laugh and she’s halfway into your bed”. Not all women are happy. She might not have a fun filled life, doesn’t really like her job, feels lonely. Make her laugh, make her feel good, light, bring some sunshine in her life. She must enjoy the time she spends with you.

Self-mockery is a very efficient aspect of humour. If you’re able to make jokes about yourself, it shows you trust yourself enough to do so, therefore you have confidence. Don’t depreciate yourself though.

Passionate, gentleman and spontaneous

Passionate people are fascinating. If you’re passionate about what you’re talking about and doing, she will feel and share your enthusiasm. This shows investment and commitment. She will, rightfully, think you’re capable of showing this kind of passion towards her.

Be a gentleman. Hold the door for her, give her your coat if she’s cold, take your hat off indoors, have manners. Being a gentleman isn’t only about etiquette though. You have to behave as one too. Listen to her, be curious and thoughtful. She will notice and appreciate your interest as long as it’s genuine.

Be spontaneous. Don’t think too much. Be yourself, go with the flow. If you feel like you have to play a role to please the lady you won’t be comfortable and she will feel it.


The common trait in all these is without any doubt confidence. To be an alpha male, a funny guy or passionate, what she must feel is a guy who knows what he’s doing. If you’re awkward and shy, turn it into a strength and make fun of it; we say admitting cowardice is already brave. Well this works the same way. You can’t act brave if you’re not, exactly like you can’t act confident if you’re not.

Being yourself is mostly being honest about who you are, to yourself and to the woman you try to seduce. Believe it or not, this is already confidence.