When it comes to cheating, as we’ve said time and time again, it’s one thing that no one should have any patience for. Not only is it the most selfish thing a person can do while in a relationship — going behind a partner’s back by lying and doing disgusting things — but it’s also cowardly, with that person incapable of just ending things rather than fool around. That said, it does happen, and it’s sad when it does.

And, while we would never wish being in a cheating relationship on our worst enemy, both guys and girls need to be better at choosing people who appear trustworthy and check off all the boxes for them to date. Sure, people can manipulate and lie to appear a certain way, but go with your gut and make sure you really get to know someone before committing to them.

As for other ways to cover your bases, it might be wise to understand the professions that are most likely to be involved in cheating. Of course, this isn’t tried and true information, but, given work hours and personality types, the results below should serve as a helpful guide when it comes to choosing a partner.

Thanks to info from dating website, Ashley Madison, which recently released information proving that there are certain professions most likely to cheat, we have an idea on where most cheaters work. You’ve been warned, guys.

Most popular cheating professions for girls

  • Medical – 23%
  • Education – 12%
  • Entrepreneur – 11%
  • Finance – 9%
  • Social Work – 9%
  • Retail/Hospitality – 9%
  • Information Technology – 8%
  • Marketing Communications – 4%
  • Trades – 4%
  • Legal – 4%
  • Arts/Entertainment – 4%
  • Politics – 1%

Most popular cheating professions for guys

  • Trades – 29%
  • Information Technology – 12%
  • Entrepreneur – 11%
  • Retail/Hospitality – 8%
  • Finance – 8%
  • Marketing/Communications – 6%
  • Medical – 5%
  • Legal – 4%
  • Education – 4%
  • Arts/Entertainment – 3%
  • Agriculture – 3%
  • Social Work – 2%

As the above shows, any guy who’s in a relationship with a medical professional might want to be on edge, and it makes sense. People like doctors and nurses, among others, work long hours and are often under intense stress. What better way to release some of that than to develop a crush on a like-minded person and go for a quickie in an open patient’s room, right?

In fact, that might not be so farfetched, as studies show that women release more oxytocin — which is commonly known as, “the love hormone” — than men do when dealing with stress. Therefore, when girls find themselves in stressful situations, they often turn to sex.

Hey, as we said earlier, you’ve been warned, guys, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before diving into the deep end with a girl who has one of these professions. The last thing we want to see happen is watch you get burned for scoffing at such research.