Look, it’s no secret that, one thing every single girl likes, it’s animals. So, that got us thinking about the best pets that a guy can own in order to help attract more girls. And, since it’s the summer and everyone is outside walking through parks and such, we just felt like writing up a piece about the best pets for attracting girls made sense.

That said, it’s important to remember that pets aren’t for everyone. Hell, outside of having kids, owning an animal requires lots of responsibility and sacrifice, with a person understanding that, sometimes, going home to let a dog out or feed the bird is more important than going to a bar with friends.

For those who might be thinking about getting an animal — whether for the ladies or just because — here are the five best pets that are almost foolproof when it comes to attracting girls. Good luck, fellas.


We’re not talking about some goldfish that you won for guessing your own weight at the fair, guys. Fish are part of the best pets conversation for one reason: their exotic nature. If you’re a guy who wants to impress girls with an animal, spending some money on a rare fish or something that requires a big tank is an instant turn on. Hell, if you have a place big enough for a fish tank to be in it, you’re already going to be good with attracting girls.


We’ll admit, a guy with a rabbit doesn’t scream sexy right off the bat, so it might be strange to see it on here as a best pet for guys. However, think about how girls feel about rabbits before you knock the suggestion. Most people find these furry little things to be cute and cuddly — especially girls — and, given their unthreatening nature, are a perfect pet to have and show off.


Much like the aforementioned fish, birds are a good option for guys to own, but they shouldn’t just be a common type. If you’re thinking about getting a bird, think of something that’s dominant and not just a little parakeet — of course, if your main objective is to get the girls to flock to you. See what we did there?


Snakes might not be something that most of us would want to own, but, they’re both low-maintenance and manly as all hell. Think about it, are you really walking into a girl’s apartment and seeing a gigantic snake? Probably not. However, if she comes over to yours and sees one, she’s both a little freaked out and turned on by the fact that you’re kind of a badass. Snakes can be scary, so owning one for yourself shows you’re a bit of an outlaw.


Come on, guys, as if you didn’t already know that owning a dog would be the best pet to have in order to pick up more girls. First off, who the hell doesn’t enjoy seeing a puppy run around or be held? Second, girls look at guys with dogs as confident and responsible, showing them that the guy is capable of keeping another living thing alive, making him seem more serious. If you really want to impress a girl, get yourself a pup and watch the ladies line up.