Social media can consume us, with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms distracting us from everyday work because, well, they’re fun to look at. However, social media can be a real pain in the ass after a breakup, with plenty of guys and girls turning to the apps and sites as ways to express their feelings.

While it’s totally up to you how to use your personal social media accounts, things can get pretty sticky following a breakup. That’s why we’re here to help assist you, because the last thing you want to be is the guy who comes across as petty, jealous or straight up mean.

Look, we get it, regardless of how the breakup went down, you want to either play the victim card and seek sympathy, or you want to be the person who comes across as strong and stand by your decision to end things. Breakups are emotional, but don’t allow yourself to let those emotions get the best of you by telling the whole world how you feel.

So, without further adieu, here’s how to properly use social media after a breakup occurs.

Unfriend, unfollow or block?

It’s never easy making this decision right after a breakup, but, let’s face it, it’s one that needs to be done cautiously. For whatever reason, people freak out over the amount of followers or friends they have, but, at the end of the day, it’s a simple click either way.

That said, regardless of how the relationship ended, it’s best to just go ahead and unfriend or unfollow your ex. Sure, blocking them will make a point, but (hopefully) you’ve both said your peace and are ready to move on. If there’s a chance to reconcile and build a relationship in the future, you can always befriend her or follow her again without much effort. But, to help you move on, unfriend/unfollow within the first week after the breakup.

Relationship status

This is a tricky one, because you don’t want to draw unwanted attention to yourself once people realize you and your girl called it quits. That said, thankfully, Facebook got rid of the public display of relationship status, with it no longer showing up in feeds for everyone to see. That means that, when things ends, you can make the change without all your friends immediately knowing.

While you don’t want to update this right after a breakup, it should be done within the first couple of weeks. Too soon, and it’s a bit immature. Too late, and it might seem like you’re holding out to get back together.

Untag pictures

The whole point of a breakup is to forget about the relationship that just ended, so make sure you use social media to your advantage here by getting rid of any reminders of your ex.

Sure, you had great times together and shared plenty of memories, but the last thing you want to have happen is dig up old feelings each time you open up Facebook or Instagram. It’s best to just spend a good hour going through and untagging things so they’re removed from your profile. Get all the memories out then and move on.

Avoid stalking your ex

This is huge! Regardless of how things ended, there’s a good chance that you still miss your ex-girlfriend — which is totally normal. But to help recover from a broken heart, it’s important to avoid seeing what she’s got going on in her life. It’s none of your business that she’s out having fun without you now, you’re free to do the same, too.

Whether it’s watching her story on Instagram or occasionally checking her profile on Facebook, don’t allow social media dictate a fake relationship with your ex. This is where unfriending/unfollowing or straight up blocking her comes into play.

Just stay quiet

Above everything else, do not post how you feel! Repeat: DO NOT POST HOW YOU FEEL! Too many people allow their emotions to get the best of them and go on a random rant about how they feel, or post some cryptic message about stuff in their mind.

We know it’s hard going from a girlfriend to lonely, but, rather than look for attention on social media, call up a family member or friend to talk about things — that’s what they’re there for. Posting anything about the relationship just comes across as petty and immature, and doesn’t help you in the healing process by holding onto bitterness.