If you were to hear the words testicular rupture, you would probably worry that something painful just happened to your scrotum. Well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you’d be right, because that’s exactly what a testicular rupture is — and some UFC fighter named Bryce Mitchell just experienced one firsthand.

For those holding your own nuts right now and cringing, brace yourselves, because Mitchell’s injury sounds terrible.

According to Men’s Health, Mitchell was doing some casual woodwork before a workout session a few days ago, using the power tool for some side project, presumably. While beneath the wood board, he hit his head, causing the power tool to go off and, like a magnet attracting nickel, the damn thing went right for his scrotum, causing, yep, a testicular rupture. Doesn’t sound too great, does it?

Taking to Instagram to describe the miserable accident, Bryce Mitchell actually sounded like a tough guy, but, rest assured, he was hurting — both physically and pridefully — even if he did try to laugh the incident off.


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Oh, and if you think this might be one of those social media posts that’s only good for attention, don’t worry, Bryce knew that people were saying, “pics or didn’t happen.” So, of course, he posted an image of his bloody boxers shortly after the above description of what happened.

Even with all that blood on his boxers and a torn scrotum, Bryce Mitchell was still having fun with his social media followers after the injury. That was evident when he posted to Twitter and joking that he was going to bleach the undies and keep wearing them, not toss them in the trash.

Now, I’m not one to sit here and say that using or playing with power tools is a dumb idea — after all, they’re necessary when building or fixing something — but, for Christ’s sake, use every bit of precaution when having a something like that in your hand. As poor Bryce Mitchell showed us, it can lead to an unpleasant testicular rupture that isn’t fun to deal with.

(H/T Men’s Health)