Yusaf Mack says he was drugged in sextape

I haven’t had much experience with alcohol, let along drugs, so I really couldn’t tell you if his claim that he was drugged is that believable. It would be a horrendous thing if it was true. On the other hand, I feel very sceptical, because it seems like such a specific thing to have done. If he did at some point experiment in a homosexual threeway, no judgement, but wear that experience with pride.

Underwear thief used custom-made fishing rod to steal more than 285 bras

stolen underwear is laid out on the ground as evidence

stolen underwear is laid out on the ground as evidence

I’m actually upset that they didn’t show us a picture of the custom made fishing rod, but I suppose with how well it worked they didn’t want us copying it. I imagine it’s something that inspector gadget would pop out of one of his robotic hands, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing tropes of it in anime in the future. Luckily for me, my apartment doesn’t let me hang my clothing outside, so my bra and panties are safe.

A conference about having sex with robots was canceled for fear people would have sex with robots

What I love is that this was actually the second planned conference about people not having sex with robots. The fact that people having sex with robots is such a huge deal that they thought it needed annual conferences. I can certainly see why there would be opposition, but I think shutting down your conference isn’t the way to tackle them. Hopefully they’ll have come up with a better plan next year.