Is breakup sex ok? In the right circumstances it can be. Breakup sex is passionate, emotional and can bring closure for some people. It can also be confusing, manipulating and humiliating for others. Yet many believe it’s the best sex they’ve ever had.

Firstly, breakup sex is a thing. The act of having one last physical encounter with a partner, shortly before, during, or shortly after breaking up with them. Not everyone does it. Most of the time it’s a “heat of the moment’ deal. But there are quite a few reasons why people chose to do it.

Breakup sex can be a good option for you if you and your partner are emotionally mature about the breakup itself. Not all breakups are epic sagas filled with fighting and resentment. Some couples have decided between them that it’s simply time for the relationship to end.

It’s these situations where breakup sex can be a great way for a couple to find closure, and end the story with one last passionate romp. One for the road so to speak.

In which situations is breakup sex ok?

The situations in which breakup sex is ok would include any breakups that were amicable between the two partners. Many people have good relationships, where they feel deeply for their partner, but for various reasons are unable to continue the relationship.

This could be work commitments. Perhaps work schedules have made it that you can’t prioritise the relationship, or don’t have the time to make the commitment needed. Rather than lead your partner on, or hurt them with your absence you both decide it’s better to move on.

Another factor is distance. Long distance relationships are notorious for failing. Long distance is hard to work out, and for a lot of people the best option is breaking up. The passion felt in the relationship, as well as the emotions, are still very much present. It’s a great way to get closure.

Some couples decide to have clean breakups where they decide they don’t want to stay in contact. Breakup sex really is their way of saying goodbye, in the most intimate way possible. It allows them to remember each other in the future.

Situations where it’s not ok

You should be on the lookout for when breakup sex is not ok. Breakup sex can have terrible consequences, especially in situations where one partner feels manipulated into doing it. It’s emotional to be physically intimate with someone who’s close to you, but who you’re also planning on leaving.

Not everyone can handle those emotions. Breakup sex often feels better than normal sex because of the high tensions and adrenaline running. It can confuse people into thinking “this is great, maybe we shouldn’t break up?” even though nothing about the relationship has changed and the original reasons for breaking up are still unresolved.

Breakup sex can also leave you feeling more alone. It can be so emotional that you cry. Some people are left feeling hollow and used afterwards, as the sex feels empty. The fact is most people know when breakup sex is a bad idea. It’s just hard not to give in.

One important thing to remember when having breakup sex is contraception. It sounds obvious, but the worse thing to come out of breaking up with someone is to get them pregnant.