Valentine’s day is only two weeks away and it’s always good to get things prepared in advance. Gift giving can be one of the trickiest things to do, but we’ve got some great Valentine’s day gift ideas that will make your date say wow!

Getting a gift for your Valentine’s date can be tricky. It depends a lot on your partner, how long you’ve been together as well as your budget. Don’t panic though, because there are always options no matter what your parameters are.

First of all, figure out what sort of gift you want to give. Valentine’s day isn’t just about getting flowers and chocolate (although that’s a classic option!). You can get simple gifts, fancy gifts, practical gifts, basically any type.

Do you want to give your partner something small? Something big? Or something you can’t wrap, such as a trip away?

Classic Valentine’s day gifts

These are the classics. They may come across as a little cliched, but they’re still a good option!

  • Chocolates and flowers – Just because it seems very cliched doesn’t mean it’s bad. There’s a reason this is always used in romantic comedies. If your partner is fond of classic romance tropes then this is a solid option. The best part is that it’s very easy to get a hold of, for all different price brackets. Not only that, it’s a great plan B if you end up needing a last minute gift.
  • Jewellery – You don’t have to go the whole hog and get a heart-shaped necklace, but jewellery is a good reliable gift for Valentine’s day. It feels special, a little bit fancy and it’s definitely romantic. Don’t feel you have to get a ring if you’re worried about giving the wrong message, but make sure you don’t get something that’s in a ring-shaped box!
  • Cuddly toy – This should only be given if you know your partner likes them. Otherwise, they can come across as very cheesy. However, if your partner does like plushies and such, try and find out a style, brand or character they really like. That way it shows that you really thought about them.

Experience gifts

Being treated to a weekend away, a spa day or something out of the box like a hot air balloon ride can be a fun surprise. You don’t have to worry about coming across as too cliched, and you can also pick experiences to share together.

  • A mini holiday – Valentine’s day this year falls on a Wednesday, but you can definitely book something away for the following weekend. A weekend away doesn’t have to be far either, you could find a cute boutique hotel in your own city and play tourist together. Go camping in the mountains if you’re the outdoors type or glamping if you’re not that outdoorsy.
  • A Spa day – It feels good to be spoiled sometimes. Tell your loved one that you care and appreciate them by spoiling them, or rather, getting a trained masseuse to pamper them. You don’t have to do a full day either but can also book individual things such as pedicures or manicures.
  • A fun experience – There are lots of experiences you can gift someone. You can find anything from the hot air balloon ride to a go-karting day to going to a shooting range. The key here is to find something your partner will love. It’s easy to find something exciting that you would personally like to do, but since this is a gift for them, make sure you put their preferences first.

A romantic meal

Valentine’s day is one of the busiest for restaurants. Taking your partner out to their favourite dinner or cooking them something at home is both delicious and romantic.

  • Find a nice restaurant – You can book a place you know your date already loves, or you can google to find new romantic options. The restaurant doesn’t have to be ultra fancy, but you’ll want to find somewhere a little more upscale than a fast food chain!
  • Cook at home – Why not make your partner a special meal at home for Valentine’s day? There are lots of ways a date at home can be super romantic. This way you also don’t have to worry about getting too tipsy to drive home. You don’t need to be a master chef either, it’s more about the thought. Make sure you pick recipes that are within your skill set. There’s no need to set your kitchen on fire in an attempt to impress your date!
  • Prepare a picnic – Picnics are very romantic and a little more casual. If the weather is nice you can also change the location up, from going to the park or having a picnic on the beach. A bonus includes the fact sandwiches are also very easy to make and you can buy a lot of small snacks perfect for a picnic. If you want to up your game, there are also places that especially make fancy picnic hampers and they can even set up the location for you!

A really good date

At the end of the day, spending some quality time together can be one of the best gifts. You don’t need to worry about finding the perfect gift to buy.

Setting up and going on a really good date is also a lot of work people often don’t realise. Making sure you’ve cleaned up well and wear a nice outfit can take hours. Picking an activity or location is also important. Finally, being able to be yourself, make your partner laugh and both enjoying your time together is the best and most romantic Valentine’s day gift you can give.

Valentine’s gift infographic

Valentine's Day gifts infographic