Sex studies are out there to entertain us and provide us with some information that we otherwise wouldn’t know (and, in some cases, not even think about). The latest sexy study we found floating around the Internet? How frequently people are doing it in a porta-potty! Yeah, we’re pretty grossed out by this, too.

With the summer on its way and warmer weather already showing up all around the country, it’s no surprise that people are flocking to music festivals as well. Hell, one of the more popular music festivals around, Coachella, took place a few weeks ago, with everyone wearing their jeans shorts and bandanas, posting the same basic picture on Instagram. Coachella aside, there are hundreds of other music festivals bound for festivalgoers to hit up in the coming months — and if the latest sex study is any indication, they’ll be having lots of hanky panky.

Unfortunately, one of the more popular places for people to have sex at a music festival is in a porta-potty, with a website called TickPick crunching the numbers to see just how often this dirty (literally) deed is being done. After surveying 1,000 festivalgoers, TickPick found that a pretty astonishing 9.4 percent of people who admitted to having sex at a music festival did so in a porta-potty. Talk about romantic, huh?

The TickPick sex study also showed that 33.6 percent of people who have attended a music festival have had sex, so, roughly, one-third of people who have had sex are doing it in a porta-potty. Is this nasty to anyone else? When not going full-on penetration, the sex study showed that oral sex is quite popular among festivalgoers, too, with 46.4 percent of attendees admitting to doing so while on concert grounds.

Take a look at the graphic below to see some of the other common areas festivalgoers are getting their wild on.

Uh, yeah, something tells us a car or a tent would be a better life decision than doing it in a porta-potty, but, hey, when there’s (probable) booze mixed with whatever else, sometimes a confined heat box that’s full of guests piss and crap is the easiest decision.

As for the most popular sex positions, the graphic below shows how music festivalgoers are getting down.

All in all, when it comes to attending a music festival this summer, there are some essential things to pack — like sunscreen, shades, a water bottle and condoms just to be safe. When it comes to disinfectant, that might be something to bring, too, especially if you’re planning to join the likes of so many others who are banging in the porta-potty.

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