Yep, believe it or not, there are actually things to avoid during sex. That shouldn’t really come as a shock, though, given the fact that actual sex is never like the fantasized sex we all watch in pornos or in movies, where dirty talk and steamy positions or props usually occur.

That doesn’t mean that real-life sex is (nor should be) boring. However, given the fact that there are plenty of guys out there who still think that sex should consist of them plowing some girl till he gets off and she lays there thinking, “that’s it,” we have to address a few issues that are good things to note going forward.

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Leave her hanging

Just the other day, we told you about how DJ Khaled actually admitted to the world that he doesn’t perform oral sex on his wife because, “rules are different for men,” and that she needs to “praise the king.” If you’re of this same mentality, shame on you.

Guys should take pride in being able to get off a woman, leaving her both satisfied and looking forward to the next time she can get you between the sheets. Whether that’s from a little tongue action between her legs or using your dick to make her orgasm during sex, when a guy gets off but a girl doesn’t, that’s a bad look.


It’s one thing to talk sexy or be a lot of dirty, but it’s another when the boundaries are crossed into uncomfortable territory, leaving the girl feel like a piece of meat and dehumanized. This can stem from pushing things a bit too far, like slapping her face or trying to get her to do something she really doesn’t want to — like anal or be tied up.

Sex should be fun and pleasurable, but remember that it’s also an emotional thing as much as it is physical, and no girl wants to be treated like they’re just there to be your sex slave.

Treat things for more than they are

As mentioned above, sex is something that’s emotional as much as it is physical, but that doesn’t mean a guy needs to call a girl “babe” or treat her as if she’s his girlfriend. Being respectful and a gentleman both before, during and after sex should be a given, but take it for what it is and don’t try to force some sort of relationship afterwards.

Stick anything foreign inside of her

Sure, dildos and other sex toys are OK, when used properly and agreed upon, but sticking foods or other crazy shit up inside of her is both painful for her and super dangerous. There are scary stories all around the Internet about girls who have had things break off inside of them that were stuck up there during a wild sexcapade. These can bring bacteria, among carrying other health risks.

Hump like a jackhammer

Want to know what’s both unsexy and dangerous? Going too hard. That’s right, one of the things to avoid during sex is humping and thrusting harder than your girl can handle. You don’t need us to tell you that not all vaginas are created equal, with some being tighter than others. When a girl’s getting plowed and not being handled with care, it carries risk of tearing the inside of her vagina, while also the outside chance of a penis fracture. Go in nice and slow and listen to how she likes it.

Assume anything

First off, use a condom if you’re having casual sex. Don’t be stupid. Second, if you’re a guy who “doesn’t believe in condoms” (so dumb), don’t assume that the girl is as ignorant. Respect both her and yourself by practicing safe sex so not to spread diseases or increase the chance of pregnancy.

In addition to the aforementioned, remember that the wild sex you had with the last girl might not be what the current girl is into. Some girls like to be spanked when bent over, others prefer missionary and going nice and slow. Assuming all girls like the same thing is a huge mistake and can lead to lots of problems.