There are plenty of ways to positively impact your sex life — which we’ve pointed out plenty of times before, including playing video games. But one of the most popular ways is by playing sex games, which brings out the creative side of both people, as well as giving the chance to mix things up and break away from the same old routine.

Now, sex games aren’t for everyone, but, hey, there are lots of sexual fantasies or sex acts that aren’t as popular for the majority of the population. That said, if you’re feeling like you and your partner may be into having some different kind of fun when you get down and dirty the next time, here are six sex games worth trying out to leave you both satisfied.

Strip poker

When it comes to classic sex games, strip poker might be the most popular. That’s because it’s so simple to play, with only a deck of cards necessary to play. Plus, there are so many varieties of rules that it allows the people playing to determine what is and isn’t hot enough to be included. Whether you’re gambling an article of clothing each hand or playing some other way, this will always end up in hot sex.


Another card game, which are always the simplest, playing Kings to get in the mood for sex is perfect to add a little fun to the bedroom. Much like the drinking game with the same name, players pick categories and add a little flair by revealing some funny and/or embarrassing things about themselves to get to know one another better, as well as sex acts to add a little foreplay. Pull a king and it may lead to five minutes worth of oral. Pull a two and you might need to reveal two things about you that your partner doesn’t know. Overall, this is a sex game that’s fun and wild.

Never have I ever…

The game never have I ever is always fun to see what embarrassing things your friends have done in their lives. It’s even better when it’s being played as a sex game, though. Basically, while you and your partner are lounging around in little clothing, play a best-of-five game of never have I ever, asking one another sexual questions about what they have or haven’t done. For each person who admits to all their dirty little secrets, have them perform something sexy or lose a piece of clothing. Yeah, it’s fun.

Stripped down Twister

Much like strip poker, stripped down Twister is one of the most popular sex games, as it’s easy to play, brings a lot of fun and has everyone involved in the game bending in weird directions and positions — making for one hot experience. All you need is the traditional board game, Twister, and only need to follow the same rules to get through a few games. First to end up with all their clothes off loses; or wins, however you want to look at it.


Really want to be adventurous with your choice of sex games? Go get yourself a blindfold, some handcuffs and maybe even a whip and put them to good use. As you might imagine, the prisoner is a more intense sex game that will, no doubt, leave the person being “tortured” satisfied. Simply put, when the person blindfolded, handcuffed and being lightly whipped has no idea when it’s coming and with what frequency, it will be wild.

The time bomb

All you need is your trusty cell phone timer for this one, fellas, and, before you know it, you’ll both be ripping each other’s clothes’ off and getting down to business. Set the timer to something like 20 minutes, and, as the clock is ticking down, set strict rules about what is and isn’t allowed. This can be something like only kissing and nothing more for the 20 minutes. Or kissing and teasing, but no penetration. After the 20 minutes is up, you’ll both be worked up and itching to bang like animals.