We all knew this day would come. The moment virtual reality headsets were announced, we knew it would only be a matter of time. The virtual reality sex suit has been created, and it’s hilariously ridiculous looking. I still want one of course. 


Unsurprisingly the virtual reality sex suit was created in Japan and is named Illusion VR costing only £300. Now I’ve seen some people react online saying how that’s a lot of money, considering you can buy a playstation for that much. But let me ask you this, how many times has your playstation given you an orgasm?

The suit comes with a Tenga made attachment for your manhood, and I’ve been a long time fan of Tenga’s products. It also comes with touch sensitive boobies, to give you and even more immersive experience. That’s basically all the vital parts of a Real Doll, for a fraction of the cost.

The suit is compatible with the erotic game “Sexy Beach” of the erotic visual novel genre popular in Japan. Not only do you get the experience of banging real anime girls, you get a full game with challenges and plot.

Not everyone is interested in 3D animated girls, but I doubt it will be long before big porn producers make their online videos VR compatible, as some already make VR videos, just without the added physical action.

The design does look stupid, and if someone were to walk in on you suited up, questions will be raised and you might never recover your dignity. But on the other hand, your junk won’t be on display, so they won’t have really seen anything.

I just want to know when a female version is created, and I want to know how long before the technology upgrades to the point that we have fantastical sex machines as seen in sci-fi films such as “Sleeper” or “Demolition Man”

Sex machines and sex robots have been considered the future path since the concept of machines and robots were made. You can see it in tons of sci-fi stories based in the future. The same questions always arise, will humans become more detached with each other to the point that physical contact is seen as abnormal in the future? In this sense, are things such as the virtual reality sex suit bad for us?