In the course of cinema, there have been a number of steamy scenes. But, if you had to choose the hottest movie sex scenes ever created — non-porn, of course — would you be able to decide on just one? It’s quite the daunting task when you try to think about it.

But, for the sake of argument and creativity, some of the good people of the Internet decided to tackle this question on Reddit, tossing out some of their best suggestions for the hottest movie sex scenes that have ever been filmed. From Salma Hayek in From Dusk till Dawn to Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions, some of the sexy scenes are definitely a good reminder that, deep down, even if it’s not real, things can get pretty hot.


Take a look below to see some of the hot movie sex scenes from some of the people of Reddit.

  • Debra Paget’s snake dance from The Indian Tomb and Selma Hayek’s Dusk till Dawn scene. Madalina Ghenea’s recent scene in Youth recently was also fairly breathtaking.


  • The young Reese Witherspoon and Mark Walberg roller coaster ride scene in Fear, could not possibly be more “teen and raunchy in the nineties


  • Rebecca Romijn in that lesbian scene from Femme Fatale. Teenage me and 5 second ago me went splooge.


  • Every single Eva Green scene in The Dreamers. You know what, fuck it. Every single Eva Green scene ever. That woman is a gift from God himself. Sexy, charismatic and talented. I love her.


  • The scene in Casino Royale where she comes down in that purple dress to the poker table. The music changes so subtly as well, she’s just perfect.


  • That 300 sex scene was so good. Made me fall in love for sure.


  • The scene from Don Jon. Scarlett Johansson trying to leave Joseph Gordon-Levitt with blue balls.


  • The entirety of Body Heat with Kathleen Turner. Meow.


  • Unfaithful. Olivier Martinez, Diane Lane. Hallway… good Lord, I needed a cigarette after that. Or the one where they screw in the bathroom


  • Pretty much all of The Last Seduction. Linda Fiorentino in her prime was SCORCHING! Then we have Lena Olin seducing Gary Oldman in Romeo Is Bleeding. Also in Secretary when Spaderman calls her into his office for a spanking. Still THE hottest thing I’ve ever seen on screen. I showed that film to a cute girl I was dating and later on she wanted me to spank her. So… Secretary FTW!


  • Jamie Lee Curtis’ dance scene in True Lies. Talk about a perfect body.


  • Kate Beckinsale’s sex scene in Underworld. Probably more provocative because there’s no naughty bits shown.

What would your hottest movie sex scene be? Agree with any of the ones listed above, or are there a few other ones that deserve to be considered? Either way, we’re happy that Hollywood helps lives out our fantasies, because, honestly, where else can we see some of the hottest girls in showbiz strip down?

Make sure to check out the full thread over on Reddit.