I recently came across a subreddit called “bubble naked” and although it’s a small sub with little activity I was intrigued by this style of photoshop that tricked the viewer into believing anyone can be naked! I also decided to try it myself with a “small” degree of success I think!

bubble naked

The concept is you take a photo of someone showing a lot of skin – this is mostly photos of celebrities in bikinis or lingerie. Then you add a layer of pure colour or blur if you like – and erase “bubbles” or circles in the areas that show skin. This means that you’re covering the parts that have clothing, creating the illusion that the subject in the photo is naked. Clever people have managed to do this in gif format also – something that I have yet the patience for doing! But maybe I’ll try it in the future.

bubble naked

It’s amazing how your brain can fill in the blanks, and in someways I find it even more provocative than plain naked pictures. Who needs celebrity leaks?! Joking aside, this is something I’m going to be playing around for a while! It feels like a new form of censorship, and I really hope it catches on and becomes a thing! I’ve put together some of my favourite examples so far.

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And my all time favourite – Naked Princess Leia! If you have any favourites or made a bubble naked photo yourself tweet or email them at me! I can’t wait to see more and I think I’ll have a go with some of my own photos as well!