Dancing is an important part of looking good to the opposite sex. It has been for centuries. But what do you do if you have two left feet and only know how to look like you’re going into convulsions “The Exorcist” style? Here’s how to look good on the dance floor. Even if you hate dancing. 

Dancing can be really daunting for beginners and those that don’t like to dance. It’s especially hard for shy people who may feel awkward in social situations or have social anxiety. This is because it’s possible, and really easy to dance badly and make a fool of yourself.

But it’s also really easy to dance well. Or at least, well enough that you fit in and look good on the dance floor. It’s really simple in fact. That’s the #1 reason people mess up and end up looking silly, because they put too much thought into things and try complicated dance moves they don’t need to.

I’m going to be going over some of the most basic dance moves that will get you blending in and enjoying the music. Then we’ll look at slightly more complicated dance moves that’s good for impressing the opposite sex.

Now with all these dances, you’re going to need to practice. Practice makes perfect, so practice in your room in front of  a mirror to music. You might feel silly doing it, but trust me, it’s worth it.

Find the beat

The first thing you need to do for any dancing, is to find the beat of the music. Every song has an underlying beat, and you dance moves are going to depend on this. Looking good on the dance floor depends on being in sync with the beat. If you’ve got the best moves, but you do them out of sync, something’s going to look wrong.

So first thing’s first. Listen to some tracks of songs you’ll find at the club. The type of song will depend on what type of club you go to, EDM, house music, hip-hop. Listen to the songs and just tap along to the underlying beat. Try nodding your head along, and then bouncing up and down using your knees. This is a good way to get your body to practice moving along to the right rhythm.


Learn the side step

The easiest dance move for guys to do is to move from one foot to the other, in a side step sort of way. Just moving from one side to the other, in time to the music, looks good.

Add a little bounce at your knees, and use your arms, from the shoulders, to flow along. Having the bend at your knees makes your dancing look more natural.

You can practice this straight away once you’ve found your rhythm. You can also use the variant which is to step forward and backwards, and not just side to side.

But not too many spins. Once you’ve got a good side to side motion going, you can experiment by doing things with your arms, hands or spins. Simply experiment and decide what feels most natural and comfortable for you.

Pick basic moves that you can remember, because when you’re dancing, it’s important to enjoy yourself and not be spending too much energy trying to remember dance moves.


Let’s tackle the shuffle

The shuffle, which incorporates moves such as running man and cutting shapes, is great for more fast pace dance music. It’s not something to tackle unless you think you’ve got your timing down and you’re ok with the idea of learning a whole bunch of moves.

It’s also something that you should practice a lot of before attempting at the club. This type of dancing looks simple, but to do it well takes skill. It’s still fairly simple to understand and grasp, and it’s sure to impress the ladies.


Have fun

The most important part of going out and dancing is to have fun. Learn the basics so you don’t have to worry about sticking out. But after that, do what you think feels right.

Women are most attracted to men who look confident and are having a good time. The best way to look confident and have a good time? Well mostly by just having a good time. So remember, practice at home, pick up and research any dance moves you’ve seen others do, practice a lot, then go out and enjoy yourself.